Riley Wilderness Park

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  • Size: 544 acres
  • Description: Thomas F. Riley Wilderness Park is a 540-acre home to a variety of native plants and animal life. Old groves of Western Sycamores and Coast Live Oaks border the parks two seasonally flowing creeks. Rolling hills of Coastal Sage Scrub and grasslands blanket the area, while wildlife abounds. A natural butterfly garden is one of Riley Wilderness Parks highlights. And horses are just as welcome here as people. Come explore Riley Wilderness Park. Its a wonderful way to spend a day.
  • Telephone: (949) 923-2265
  • Hours: Open Daily: 7 a.m. to Sunset
    Office Hours: 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.
    Trails are subject to closure during and after rain.
  • Park Amenity: 

    Bike Trails


    Equestrian Trails

    Hiking Trails

    Interpretive Programs Center


    Scenic overlook

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(949) 923-2265
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