Supervisor Foley Denounces Inappropriate Use of Paper Stars of David during April 13th Board of Supervisors Meeting

SANTA ANA – Supervisor Katrina Foley (District 2) released the following statement in response to the individuals who wore paper Stars of David during the Board of Supervisors Meeting on Tuesday, April 13th. 

“I am dismayed and disappointed by the individuals who chose to compare our community health sickness prevention efforts to the genocidal actions of the Holocaust, and to wear yellow paper Stars of David at the Board of Supervisors meeting on Tuesday, in their protest of the voluntary Othena digital vaccine record. 

The use of the yellow Star of David as an identification badge or brand to isolate and harass the Jewish community has a long, disturbing history, particularly during World War II. Individuals who were forced to wear the badge during those turbulent points in history were often singled out, punished and lost their lives for their religious beliefs. 

To try and imply a voluntary vaccination record created to help facilitate travel and convenience for our County’s residents is anywhere near comparable, is grossly disrespectful to the memories and well-being of those in our Jewish communities who have suffered from persecution. 

I intend to reach out to our Jewish community leaders to reiterate support from my office and apologize for these insensitive public speakers.”