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Supervisor Katrina Foley Announces Dana Point Harbor Advisory Committee During Town Hall

Orange County Supervisor Katrina Foley hosted a town hall with the Dana Point Harbor Partners on Tuesday, April 25, 2023 to announce her Harbor Advisory Committee and present updates on the Dana Point Harbor Revitalization plan to more than 200 members of the public in attendance. Supervisor Foley aimed to provide the public access to the County and Dana Point Harbor Partners, clear up any misinformation that has circulated, and hear feedback on ways to improve their experience at the harbor. Stay tuned on this page for updates related to the Harbor.

Takes questions from audience

Supervisor Katrina Foley takes questions from audience during town hall. Pictured left to right: Supervisor Foley and Speakers, Mat Miller (County CEO Real Estate), Joe Ueberroth (Bellwether Financial Group), Bob Olson (R.D. Olson), Bryon Ward (Burnham Ward). (Photo Credit: Brandy Young)

“The Dana Point Harbor plays a key role in our county’s local economy, ocean conservation and law enforcement efforts. The state of the Harbor must reflect the importance of this county asset to our local boaters, business and residential communities,” said Supervisor Foley. “Let’s be clear: the harbor revitalization plan will transform the way the public will access and use the harbor. I understand our community’s concerns surrounding the lack of transparency around this project. Rest assured: I am committed to working together with our Harbor partners and county staff to keep the public informed on the status of harbor revitalization.”

During the town hall, Supervisor Foley announced the launch of her Dana Point Harbor Advisory Committee to ensure all necessary stakeholders’ participation in the harbor revitalization project and addressing community concerns.

“My top priorities include working together to address them as we move towards the future. My advisory committee will inform my office’s approach to this project and will ensure that businesses, county staff, and the community have a voice in the process,” added Supervisor Foley.

Supervisor Foley’s committee will consist of a large and small merchant, a boater or boater representative, and 2 members of the public. Ad hoc committee members will include the Mayor of Dana Point, Dana Point Harbor Partners, CEO Real Estate, representatives from public safety & the Ocean Institute. Members of the public are encouraged to apply here.

Community in attendance

Supervisor Foley’s Town Hall with over 200 members of the community in attendance. (Photo credit: Brandy Young)

Representatives from R.D. Olson, Bellingham Marina, and Burnham Ward presented updates on Commercial, Hotel, and Marina revitalizations.

The partnership between Supervisor Foley and the Dana Point Harbor Partners demonstrates continued efforts on behalf of the supervisor to involve community partners in important work. Please click here to review the presentations shown during the town hall.

The Dana Point Marina Revitalization Plan reflects Supervisor Foley’s continued commitment to providing much needed updates and services to our beach and marina communities. The project aims to strengthen, modernize, and build up the Dana Point Marina. Important aspects of the project include introducing new technologies, supporting and revitalizing docks and slips, and improving the water quality in the surrounding areas.

Preparations for the Revitalization Project have begun with key updates made to the harbor so far:

  • Installed storm drain filtration system throughout Harbor, keeps debris from entering the ocean.
  • Established fishing line recycling program resulting in 101.86 pounds collected in 2022. Recycled line is turned into benches, fishing spoils, fishing bags.
  • Implemented LED lights conversion throughout Harbor.
  • Converted from gas to electrical landscaping equipment to reduce noise pollution.
  • Began water conservation efforts through using only drought resistant plant material and turning off watering where not necessary.
  • The Marina at Dana Point Harbor is a certified Clean Marina by the Clean Marinas Program. As a certified Clean Marina, their team is trained in all aspects of marine debris reduction, marine debris emergency response and environmental best management practices to eliminate or reduce marine debris.

The Dana Point Harbor Revitalization Plan demonstrates Supervisor Foley’s continued commitment in providing much needed updates and services to our beach and marina communities.

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