A Memorial Day Message from Supervisor Foley

Every Memorial Day, we take the time to honor and pay our respects to the fallen Americans who lost their lives serving in our military. Their sacrifices are felt deeply in cities and towns around the country, from the quiet and sacred spaces of Arlington National Cemetery to local cemeteries and American Legion Halls, to the empty seats at dinner tables.

It’s our task to remember them and never forget their sacrifices. 

The importance of remembering and paying our respects takes on new meaning this year. So, as we honor the raising of the flag today, walk in parades or attend observances remembering our fallen service members, let’s take extra care in recognizing the importance of this specific Memorial Day 2021. Let us take extra time this weekend to acknowledge the liberty, equality and the democracy that those brave men and women fought to protect and pursued on our behalf.

Let us act in service, supporting our neighbors and families. Let us always hold out helping hands to those who need our support. Let us continue to promote the right to speak and observe our diverse faiths freely and strive for a more just and perfect union for all. And most importantly, let us continue to honor and remember those we lost in pursuit of the protection of democracy. 

As we pay tribute, let us not forget those families, coworkers, neighbors and friends left behind. Let us not forget the Veterans still living among us. Let us make it our responsibility to show their families we will always honor their sacrifice with support, love and gratitude. 

District 2 in Orange County has a proud military history, from historic Santa Ana Army Base now hosting the OC Fair & Event Center and the National Reserve both in Costa Mesa to the Joint Forces Training Base in Los Alamitos. We honor this history every day in places like Heroes Hall Veterans Museum, Lyons Air Museum, Balboa Island Museum, in our 9 American Legion Posts across the district and at Veterans Park in Fountain Valley. 

Today, and every day, please remember. 

Sup. Foley