Statement from Supervisor Foley on Othena Digital Vaccination Record

(SANTA ANA, California) – In response to public input organized by a specific group of individuals, Supervisor Katrina Foley has issued the following statement regarding the Othena digital vaccination record:

“The Othena digital vaccination record is a secure, digital record which has been provided as a convenience for residents who have been vaccinated through the County, and need to show proof of that vaccination.  It’s a convenient and safe way for those who might need proof for domestic and international travel for business or personal reasons, and/or might be attending business conventions, trade shows or entertainment or sporting events. The record helps protect private information, while providing ease of access. 

This is a courtesy, and not a mandate. Additionally, anyone who is traveling internationally knows you often must show proof of vaccination when visiting different countries, especially those with Covid-19 related restrictions. There is no item on the agenda today mandating vaccine passports, and anyone suggesting otherwise is providing misleading information on this courtesy option.” 

A Chapman University survey recently released show that 80% of Orange County residents support vaccinations.