10/13/2023: Dana Point Harbor Advisory Committee Report from Secretary Dennis Parks

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The third installment of the DPHOAC committee was held on Wednesday, October 4th. The meeting primarily consisted of entities, currently involved in the Dana Point Harbor, presenting background information to the committee that will be useful in future discussions regarding the re-development of the harbor. 

Presentations were made on public safety by Sgt. Steifel, the commanding officer of the Dana Point Sheriff’s Department Harbor Station and committee member firefighter Colin Harris, DPH Public Safety coordinator. Sgt Steifel outlined the responsibilities of his 12 person team that is responsible for covering the harbor and coastline from the Laguna Main Beach to Oceanside. Supervisor Foley advised that more resources were on the way. The committee then received an update from the Orange County Real Estate Department and Susan Lieb, Dana Point Harbor Partners, about the central parking structure and the parking management plan once Phase 1 construction starts in January. The DPHP were also very excited to announce the opening of the Phase III docks scheduled for mid October. Next, Supervisor Foley emphasized that her team and the relevant county staff are working closely with the DPHP in the effort to get the Coastal Commission to approve the proposed hotel projects in the harbor’s commercial core.  

Next month’s meeting will begin to utilize some of the background gleaned from the first three sessions and discuss ideas on how the county can “reimagine” the Sailing and Event Center for better utilization by Orange County residents.