2/7/2024: Dana Point Harbor Oversight Advisory Committee February 7, 2024 MINUTES

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Dana Point Harbor Oversight Advisory Committee  

Wednesday February 7, 2024 | 5:32 p.m. – 6:31 p.m.   


Bob Langan, Committee Chair, called the meeting to order at 5:32 p.m. All Committee members attended.


-Orange County Supervisor Foley Update: Supervisor Foley reviewed the ceremonial groundbreaking for the state-of-the-art parking structure which signals the beginning of the long awaited Dana Point Harbor “commercial core” make over. Supervisor Foley also reported that her team, led by Alyssa Napuri, is continuing to meet with the Coastal Commission regarding their approval of the proposed hotels and is making good progress in that endeavor. One of the issues being negotiated is the Coastal Commission’s use of the fee that the Dana Point Harbor Partners would pay in lieu of adding additional rooms to their current design. Supervisor Foley is asking that the funds paid are utilized locally rather than in other California coastal regions. In addition, Ms. Napuri in the proposal to the commission, is capturing all of the local programs that are/will benefit the public by the hotels being in place as part of the harbor revitalization.

-Dana Point Harbor Oversight Manager Update: Christian Gagne advised the committee that there were still a few administrative details regarding the ground lease to be finalized between the Dana Point Harbor Partners and the county and that once those items are cleared up in the next few days, the site prep work would begin. In addition, Mr. Gagne reported that his team is in the process of consolidating the three primary locations, within the County of Orange web site, that contain information regarding the Dana Point Harbor revitalization. They will be reduced to one tab located on Supervisor Foley’s county home page. The new tab will include all of the contracts, plans, phasing and graphics as well as a FAQ section and public alerts such as parking and traffic routing while construction is underway. The consolidated web location will make access to the information easier for all interested individuals and organizations. Mr. Gagne also met with representatives of the Dana Point Boater’s Association to hear their input about various aspects of the harbor revitalization plan.

-O.C. Sailing Center’s Dock Plan Advisory Group Update: Diane Wenzel reported that her group of Sailing and Event Center stakeholders met with Michael Wilson (O.C. Parks) and invited design professionals, regarding the proposed reconstruction of the two docks that support many of the center’s users. Ms. Wenzel reported that the meeting was well organized by Mr. Wilson and very productive. More to come in future meetings as their recommendations and ideas are finalized and news on the requested state grant, that would help fund the reconstruction, becomes available. Susan Lieb (DPHP) asked the Dock Plan Advisory group to make sure that Captain Dave’s dock space was folded into the planning process as the DPHP have already invested in upgrading that slip space which is part of the center’s east dock. In addition, Ms. Wenzel advised the committee that the group is scheduled to meet with O.C. Real Estate to review the current utilization of the center with respect to storage with the intention of developing a plan that would allow for better utilization of the space to accommodate center users with storage in the adjacent parking lot that will be dislocated as the marina remodel continues.

-Dana Point Harbor Partners Update: Susan Lieb confirmed that there would be no loss of parking spaces in the “day use” parking lot adjacent to the day use boat ramp. In addition, the DPHP are working on the harbor parking and circulation plan once construction begins on the parking garage which includes the re-routing of the harbor entrance.

-Future Agenda Items: Bob Langan asked the committee for input on future agenda items; Colin Harris suggested a needs assessment for current and future youth programs (April?). See March Agenda Items below.

Bob Langan adjourned the meeting at 6:31 p.m.


  1. The committee was asked to provide Sarah Dagostino (sarah.dagostino@ocgov.com) input with respect to upcoming events in the harbor so that the DPHP and O.C. Parks could fold those events into their construction traffic and parking planning. In addition, this information will be used to create better signage promoting the events as well as including the event details on the Dana Point Harbor consolidated web site.
  2. Mike Frost offered to connect with the Dana Point Parks Dept. to see if a “park” location for Supervisor Foley’s annual Flag Day event can be established for the June 12-15 celebration.
  3. Contact the O.C. Registrar of Voters to see if the Dana Point Harbor “voting center” can be relocated during the Festival of Whales week due to access and traffic concerns.

MARCH AGENDA ITEMS: (meeting scheduled for March 6th)

  1. Update on the Parking Structure construction.
  2. Update on O.C. Sailing and Events Center space planning and dock design.
  3. Update on the O.C. Dana Point Harbor consolidated web site.
  4. Discuss and schedule Supervisor Foley’s next “town hall” meeting.