4/3/2024: Dana Point Harbor Advisory Committee Update

Update as of

By Dennis Parks, DPHAC Secretary 

This month’s DPHOAC session began with an update from Alyssa Napuri, Supervisor Foley’s Deputy Chief of Staff, standing in for the Supervisor who was unable to attend. She confirmed that the supervisor’s Flag Day celebration will be held at the harbor’s Baby Beach location June 12 to the 14th. In addition, she advised the committee that she would be meeting with Bryon Ward of the Dana Point Harbor Partners and representatives from the City of Dana Point. They will be physically counting the 334 “day boater” parking spaces to confirm compliance of a California Coastal Commission requirement that the spaces exist and are available for public use as Phase 1 of construction continues, and once the revitalization project is completed, Joe Ueberroth, owner and CEO of Bellingham Marine, which is responsible for the marina portion of the harbor revitalization.  

The committee asked Mr. Ueberroth to address public concerns about rate differences discovered, as approximately 100 current occupants of the harbor “dry storage” area were advised that they will need to relocate their boats/trailers off-site. The relocation is necessary due to the reduction in available space for boat storage as a result of the parking structure construction and the day boater parking mandate. According to Mr. Ueberroth, the off-site storage area is charging a market rate of $12 per linear foot, which is the same as the published rate charged currently in the harbor storage lot. The issue brought to the committee’s attention is that some of the tenants that are required to relocate were being charged rates significantly below the $12 per linear foot rate paid in the harbor lot, as well as the $12 per linear foot rate quoted by an off-site facility owned by one of the Dana Point Harbor Partners. Mr. Ueberroth, in explaining the variance, indicated that unbeknownst to his office, the former manager of lot operations was apparently charging lower rates for stored trailers with no boats. He assured the committee that the intention was for the off-site lot, referred by the Dana Point Marina office to those having to relocate, to charge the same rate as the harbor lot for all linear storage space utilized. He confirmed that this will be the case going forward in both lots, regardless if it is a standalone trailer or boat/trailer combination, as they both occupy the same linear footprint.  

Christian Gagne, the Dana Point Harbor Oversight Manager for the County of Orange, and Michael Wilson of OC Parks both updated the committee about ongoing projects within the harbor revitalization. The details of their reports can be read in the meeting minutes which will be posted on Supervisor Foley’s homepage at https://d5.ocgov.com/ under the new DANA POINT HARBOR REVITALIZATION drop down menu. This comprehensive resource holds all of the pertinent documents concerning the harbor revitalization as well as the minutes from the DPHOAC meetings to date.